ID: 5055
icon Raising a Wild Snowlion daily
Category: Blue Salt Brotherhood

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Eastern Animal Trainer
End NPC: Eastern Animal Trainer
Quest text:
Eastern Animal Trainer: Firran warriors pride themselves on their ability to tame and ride wild Snowlions.
Eastern Animal Trainer: I've tamed a wild beast or two in my day, but Snowlions always give me the most trouble. I'm convinced they need the natural environment of the Falcorth Plains to feel most at home.
Eastern Animal Trainer: I've actually got more animals than I can handle right now. Would you like to try taming one yourself?
Eastern Animal Trainer: All you have to do is take this Wild Snowlion Cub to the Falcorth Plains Public Stables, where it can assimilate with the tame Snowlions there.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Feed the cub Vita Root when it's hungry, and wash it just like you would any other animal. When it's tamed and old enough to travel, bring it back here and I'll give you a reward.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Ah, you've done a wonderful job of taming this Snowlion. Any Firran warrior would be proud to have it for their own.
Level: 38
Repeat count: 1

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Dragonlady 24-09-2014 21:17

I completed this in the public stables of Cloudgrain on the west side of Falcorth Plains.


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