ID: 5056
icon Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph daily
Category: Blue Salt Brotherhood

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Eastern Animal Trainer
End NPC: Eastern Animal Trainer
Quest text:
Eastern Animal Trainer: Many people think Leomorphs are soulless machines, but they're wrong.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Each one is imbued with Anima, making it as unique and intelligent as any wild animal.
Eastern Animal Trainer: However, this process can also result in flaws and abnormalities in some machines.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Malfunctioning Leomorphs must be given special attention during their growth process, or they could become unmanageable as adults.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Would you like to help? The process is quite similar to raising any other mount.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Just take this Malfunctioning Leomorph Cub to the Arcum Iris Public Stables, where it can observe functional Leomorphs and adopt their mannerisms.
Eastern Animal Trainer: Feed it Vita Root when it's hungry, and keep it clean during the accelerated growth process. When it's functioning normally and sturdy enough to travel, bring it back here and I'll give you a reward.
Eastern Animal Trainer: This barely looks like the same Leomorph I gave you to raise! You've clearly helped it overcome any problems it once had. Thank you.
Level: 38
Repeat count: 1

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Dragonlady 24-09-2014 21:32

[font=Friz2]I completed this in the public stables of Parchsun Settlement in Arcum Iris.[/font]


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