ID: 5058
icon Raising a Wild Elk daily
Category: Blue Salt Brotherhood

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Western Animal Trainer
End NPC: Western Animal Trainer
Quest text:
Western Animal Trainer: The Wild Elks of Gweonid Forest are lovely creatures, and make for some of the most nimble mounts available. In fact, they're in such high demand I'm having trouble raising enough by myself!
Western Animal Trainer: Could you take this Wild Elk Calf and tame it for me? With enough Vita Root, it shouldn't take too long before it's old enough to ride.
Western Animal Trainer: I've found the best place to tame a Wild Elk is at the Gweonid Forest Public Stables. It feels most at home there, and being around other Elks helps during the taming process.
Western Animal Trainer: Feed the calf Vita Root when it's hungry, and wash it just like you would any other animal. When it's tamed and old enough to travel, bring it back here and I'll give you a reward.
Western Animal Trainer: Is that really the same Elk I gave you to train? You've done a wonderful job! Thank you.
Level: 38
Repeat count: 1

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