ID: 5077
icon A Rare Perfume daily
Category: Blue Salt Brotherhood

This quest opens access to following quests:
Guerilla Marketing


Start NPC: Western Wanderer
End NPC: Western Wanderer
Quest text:
Western Wanderer: Greetings, friend! I am a wandering merchant, looking for new and exotic products all over the continent.
Western Wanderer: My particular specialty is fine scents and perfumes.
Western Wanderer: You look like you do a fair bit of traveling. Would you be interested in helping me gather materials for my work?
Western Wanderer: If you craft enough Chopped Produce, Dried Flowers, Ground Grain, or Ground Spices, you can combine them into a Condensed Scent using the Perfume Mortar next to me.
Western Wanderer: Any of those ingredients should make a lovely scent, as long as you have enough. Once you've got them, make the Condensed Scent and bring it to me.
Western Wanderer: Wow, that is a potent perfume! Thanks, friend. This will really help my business. Here, take this as a gift for your hard work.
Level: 38
Repeat count: 1

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