ID: 5085
icon A Desperate Soul daily elite
Category: Burnt Castle Armory


Start NPC: Privateer Lieutenant Virginia
End NPC: Privateer Lieutenant Virginia
Quest text:
Privateer Lieutenant Virginia: Unfortunately, Prince Hieronimus is no petty ghost or spirit. He is a vengeful wraith, and a powerful one at that. It may take quite a few defeats before his wrath is quenched and he sees reason.
Privateer Lieutenant Virginia: Will you return to Burnt Castle, and defeat Prince Hieronimus each time he returns? It's the only way his spirit will ever find peace.
Privateer Lieutenant Virginia: Do you hear the villagers talking? They say a great darkness has lifted from Burnt Castle! You must have finally calmed the wraith of Prince Hieronimus, friend. Well done. May he and his son find peace in the Hereafter.
Level: 33
Repeat count: 1

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