ID: 5091
icon Roadsend in Danger daily
Category: Blue Salt Brotherhood


Start NPC: Western Wanderer
End NPC: Western Wanderer
Quest text:
Western Wanderer: While I don't consider myself an alchemist, my knowledge of minerals and herbs can sometimes be used for more than pretty smells. I'm hoping this is one of those times.
Western Wanderer: I've heard rumors of mysterious explosions around the Roadsend Post in Dewstone. The locals are baffled. But I know they've been having some bandit trouble lately, so I suspect that discarded barrels of gunpowder are to blame.
Western Wanderer: Bandits rarely have access to first-rate alchemists, so they're often forced to rely on Faulty Gunpowder to power their weapons. It's dangerous stuff, and highly unstable.
Western Wanderer: If you can go to Roadsend Post and recover the Faulty Gunpowder from the bandits' discarded Powder Kegs, the people of Dewstone would be much safer.
Western Wanderer: Ah, well done! That should set the people of Dewstone at ease.
Level: 38
Repeat count: 1

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