ID: 5092
icon Signs of the Salphira Cult daily
Category: Blue Salt Brotherhood


Start NPC: Eastern Wanderer
End NPC: Eastern Wanderer
Quest text:
Eastern Wanderer: Sometimes in my travels, I learn of strange things that most would not believe. But this most recent rumor disturbs even me.
Eastern Wanderer: People say there is a dark power in Mahadevi. Red-robed priests perform unholy rituals beneath the city streets. Some people even swear they've seen Hellhound Leashes discarded outside the entrance to the Palace Cellars.
Eastern Wanderer: I have some contacts in the Blue Salt Brotherhood. If these rumors are true, I'll do my best to send word to my superiors. But first, I need proof. Do you think you could go to the Palace Cellars, and bring me those Hellhound Leashes?
Eastern Wanderer: Thank you, friend. You've done a great deed for the City of Towers. I just hope someone can cleanse the corruption in that city before it is too late...
Level: 38
Repeat count: 1

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