ID: 5142
icon Helping the War Effort daily
Category: Grimghast Rift

This quest opens access to following quests:
Halting the Crimson Tide 2


Start NPC: Quartermaster Fila

Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Quartermaster Fila: You there! Will you help the men and women of Nui's Shield defend our lands against the undead?
Quartermaster Fila: A Grimghast Rift has just appeared out near the Breezebrine Coast. Any moment now, it will start unleashing all manner of ghouls and evil spirits.
Quartermaster Fila: A group of Nui's Shield agents is assembling to meet them. They're constructing a powerful trebuchet to help repel the undead, but they lack the Condensed Archeum they need to complete it.
Quartermaster Fila: Will you deliver these packs to the Construction Site as quickly as possible? And don't let anyone stop you--those soldiers don't stand a chance without them!
Level: 45
Repeat count: 1

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Hael 11-10-2014 16:27

The condensed archeum is right out the front entrance of ynestere fortress. The construction site wasn't always there when I tried it but it was for me around 1:00 to 3:00 game time.

korthrun 21-05-2015 22:04

This is part of the Grimghast Rift event. The packs are not there if the event is not running!

For the west the packs of condensed archeum are right outside "Burnt Castle Camp" on the west side of Cinderstone Moor. If you have a cart you can toss packs in it and drive on over to the trebuchet near Seachild Wharf.


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