ID: 5972
icon The Prophecy daily mythic
Category: Honor


Start NPC: Worldgate Guide
End NPC: Worldgate Guide
Quest text:
Worldgate Guide: The God Haje lefts us many prophecies. Even now, they are comings true. Witnesses the twisted creatures infestings Exeloch and the Sungold Fields.
Worldgate Guide: In the Sungold Fields, the villains Meina and Glenn have begun murderings people, believings it will brings them immortality!
Worldgate Guide: In Exeloch, Jola the Cursed is trying to summon the greatest evil the world has known: the Akasch. The reason a God of Destruction was ever necessary in the first place.
Worldgate Guide: Their magic is strong... many adventurers have killeds them already, but they keep resurrecting themselves... just as the prophecy warneds.
Worldgate Guide: Please. See what you can do. Bring back Meina's Ring, Glenn's Ring, and Jola's Scaly Frill. Maybe those artifacts are the source of their power...
Worldgate Guide: This is a good steps in the right direction. A steps toward saving our world. Thanks you, adventurer. Perhaps this means we can averts the worst of the prophecies...
Level: 50
Repeat count: 1

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