ID: 6083
icon Kill Okape with a Mentor daily elite
Category: Patch Change


Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Lucius Quinto: The Blackbeard Thieves have joined forces with the Bloodhands to create a deadly alliance. If they aren't stopped, they will soon control the entire eastern coastline.
Lucius Quinto: But you cannot do this by yourself. Their underground stronghold is well-guarded, and full of deadly traps. To defeat them, you will need to form an alliance of your own.
Lucius Quinto: Find an experienced ally to guide you on your quest. Someone who can watch your back, and protect you as you explore the mines. Your party will need a strong leader if you hope to root out this den of thieves.
Lucius Quinto: Seek out your ally amongst your guild, or in a nearby town. Together you must fight your way to the bottom of the mines, and put a stop to the weapon they are building there. Only by working together will you receive Nui's reward.
Level: 22
Repeat count: 1

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