ID: 6084
icon Kill Okape with a Mentee daily elite
Category: Patch Change


Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Lucius Quinto: The Blackbeard Thieves have joined forces with the Bloodhands to create a deadly alliance. If they aren't stopped, they will soon control the entire eastern coastline.
Lucius Quinto: But you cannot do this by yourself. Their underground stronghold is well-guarded, and full of deadly traps. To defeat them, you will need to form an alliance of your own.
Lucius Quinto: You have seen much of the world, and faced the worst it has to offer. There are many who will wish to join your cause. Find an ally who is in need of your leadership. Someone who can learn from your example as you root out this den of thieves.
Lucius Quinto: Seek out your ally amongst your guild, or in a nearby town. Together you must fight your way to the bottom of the mines, and put a stop to the weapon they are building there. Only by working together will you receive Nui's reward.
Level: 30
Repeat count: 1

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