ID: 6087
icon Kill Hieronimus With a Mentor daily epic
Category: Burnt Castle Armory


Start NPC: Lucius Quinto

Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Lucius Quinto: The Bloodhands toy with powers they cannot understand. They hope to bind the demons of Burnt Castle for themselves... but they can't even control the spirits that still haunt its blood-soaked halls.
Lucius Quinto: Child of Nui, you must help defeat the evil in Burnt Castle. But you cannot do it alone.
Lucius Quinto: Find an ally who has journeyed there before. Someone with experience, who can help you on your quest. You will need a strong leader if you hope to face the darkness in that castle and survive.
Lucius Quinto: Seek out your ally amongst your guild, or in a nearby town. Together you must defeat the Bloodhands and face the undead spirit that is hidden there. Only by working together will you receive Nui's reward.
Level: 35
Repeat count: 1

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