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icon Kill Akmit With A Mentor daily elite
Category: Patch Change


Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Lucius Quinto: Do you know how Salphira's Disciples have become so powerful? By gathering their members close and focusing on a single goal. But Nui didn't sacrifice herself to allow such evil to become so rampant.
Lucius Quinto: No... She did it in hopes that one day, all races would join forces and reclaim Auroria. Nui's child, join forces with your brothers and sisters and defeat Akmit in the Palace Cellar.
Lucius Quinto: Look for an experienced mentor who can help teach a novice adventurer like yourself. With their help, defeat Akmit and find Akmit's Secret Chest.
Lucius Quinto: If we all band together, we can all learn more quickly--and return to Auroria more quickly. Now... go seek a mentor! If you don't know where to start, begin by calling out to others in the nearby area.
Level: 22
Repeat count: 1

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