ID: 6168
icon Kill Marmas With A Mentee daily epic
Category: Hadir Farm


Start NPC: Lucius Quinto
Quest stages:
Kill Marmas in Hadir Farm with 1-2 novice adventurers (Level 30-39) who have the quest "Kill Marmas With A Mentor."
Open the first seal on Marmas's Secret Chest, then wait for your mentee to open the second seal so you can collect your reward. (Note: If your mentee exceeds level 39 during this quest, you will no longer be able to complete it.)
Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Lucius Quinto: I'm sure even my old friend Inoch, the prophet, couldn't have foreseen how the world has unfolded. I've lived long, but things have never been as interesting as they are now. Nor as dangerous.
Lucius Quinto: Nui's children... Join forces and defeat the abomination Marmas. What do you need to be afraid of? Alone, you don't stand a chance--but together, you can be victorious.
Lucius Quinto: Though, I'd suggest at least two experienced adventurers and two still in the process of growing their strength to take on Hadir Farms.
Lucius Quinto: Kill Marmas and recover Marmas's Secret Chest. You'll have to find some reliable companions first, though. How to seek them out? Use your voice! Go on--shout for them.
Level: 40
Repeat count: 1

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