ID: 6514
icon The Goddess Nui daily
Category: Nui's Love


Start NPC: Temple Priestess
End NPC: Temple Priestess
Quest text:
Temple Priestess: @PC_CLASS(0), have you heard of the Hereafter, the land of the dead?
Temple Priestess: Part of my job as a Temple Priestess is to talk to people about the Hereafter; to explain its ways and calm their fears.
Temple Priestess: No living creature had ever seen the Hereafter until the Goddess Nui escorted our ancestors through it to save them from the destruction of Auroria. She sacrificed her life in the process.
Temple Priestess: The goddess's lover, Lucius, still walks among us, aiding new adventurers and guiding the path of the world. He's a shapeshifter, though, and easy to overlook. Pay attention if you see him!Do not fear death. If you are worthy, the Goddess Nui will resurrect you and allow you to continue your journey. If you pray to thank her for it, she'll even return some of your lost XP.
Level: 10
Repeat count: 1

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