ID: 6518
icon The Hereafter's Energy daily
Category: Nui's Love


Start NPC: Temple Priestess
End NPC: Temple Priestess
Quest text:
Temple Priestess: You can always return to a place you've previously visited using a Hereafter Stone. New locations are automatically recorded in your Teleport Book the first time you pass new Memory Tomes.
Temple Priestess: Could you bring me some Memory Ink? A General Merchant should have some. There are so many new adventurers in need of Teleport Books; I can't keep up with the demand.
Temple Priestess: You can also record custom locations in your Teleport Book, such as the hearth in your house. You just need Memory Ink. Then you can use a Hereafter Stone to easily return any time!
Temple Priestess: Player, your generous donation will be remembered.
Level: 16
Repeat count: 1

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