ID: 6577
icon A Test of Strength daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Kyrios Worshippers


Start NPC: Drillmaster Raysen
End NPC: Drillmaster Raysen
Quest text:
Drillmaster Raysen: We're under constant threat here, day and night. Even the ruins we guard are full of strange creatures and magical constructs that could rip a lesser warrior to pieces.
Drillmaster Raysen: If you're going to join us, we need to know you've got what it takes, first.
Drillmaster Raysen: If you can kill them and return unharmed, we'll welcome you into the Crimson Watch with open arms. If not, you may need to head home and get some more training in before you're ready for the perils of Auroria.
Drillmaster Raysen: We take all kinds--heroes, outcasts, even pirates--as long as you're willing to stand by our side against Anthalon and his undead army.
Drillmaster Raysen: If Karlsburg sent you here to join us, it means you've got real talent. But in Auroria, sometimes that's not enough.
Drillmaster Raysen: The Crimson Watch is an independent peacekeeping force, dedicated to protecting the settlers of Auroria.
Drillmaster Raysen: There's a group of Wyrmkin in the hills across the ravine. They're no undead horde, but they're dangerous. And they'll make a fine test of your abilities.
Drillmaster Raysen: Welcome aboard, Player. Starting now, you're on the front lines of the battle for Auroria itself.
Drillmaster Raysen: I saw your battle from here! That's the kind of fighting spirit we need in the Crimson Watch.
Level: 51
Repeat count: 1

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