ID: 6580
icon Kyrios Worshippers daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Security Concerns


Start NPC: Drillmaster Rhiona
End NPC: Drillmaster Rhiona
Quest text:
Drillmaster Rhiona: When the antiquary society first arrived here, they expected to find a blasted landscape, devoid of life. Imagine their surprise when they encountered not only Anthalon's undead, but an army of the living as well!
Drillmaster Rhiona: The Aust Followers are a group of cultists who worship Kyrios, and revere the necromancer Anthalon as his prophet.
Drillmaster Rhiona: It's unclear if they're the descendants of those who were loyal to Kyrios during the fall of Auroria, or if they came here on their own from the southern continents. Either way, they have sworn allegiance to our enemies.
Drillmaster Rhiona: One of the most important things a new recruit can do is face off against the forces of Kyrios. It gives you an idea of what you'll be fighting in the missions ahead, and proves to us that you aren't one of Anthalon's spies.
Drillmaster Rhiona: Anyway, why don't you get up to the western cliffs and take out some of those Aust Followers? It'll be good practice for you, and it'll put the others at ease. Good luck, recruit!
Drillmaster Rhiona: Not that I think you're a spy, of course! It's just... we can never be too careful. Anthalon thrives on treachery and deceit. It wouldn't be the first time he's tried to destroy us from the inside.
Drillmaster Rhiona: Ho there, recruit. Is this your first time seeing Diamond Shores? It's a lot to take in, isn't it?
Drillmaster Rhiona: I can tell that you've dealt with their kind before. In that case, we're doubly glad you've decided to join us. Welcome to the Crimson Watch, recruit!
Drillmaster Rhiona: You really put those necromancers in their place!
Level: 51
Repeat count: 1

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