ID: 6627
icon Blood, Sweat, and Training daily
Category: Patch Change

  • XP 4711
  • Coins silver31bronze97

Quest stages:
Defeat enemies in an arena.
You can enter Arenas through the Convenience menu at the bottom-right of the screen. Arena quests can be completed in any Arena mode.
Kill an opponent in the Gladiator Arena.
Defeat an enemy in the arena.
  • Defeat enemies in the Free-For-All Arena (1)
Talk to a Gladiator Arena Manager in Marianople, Seachild Wharf, Austera, Caernord, or Growlgate Isle.End NPC: Gladiator Arena Manager
Quest text:
Gladiator Arena Manager: Truly skilled warriors train as if they are in real battle, and battle as if they are only training. They relax, they refuse to focus on the danger, and their minds remain sharp and unclouded.
Gladiator Arena Manager: It is time for you to embrace this mindset. Enter the arena and face a worthy opponent. We'll see how you fare.
Gladiator Arena Manager: The sweat on your brow today could save your blood tomorrow. I am honored to see your growth as a warrior.
Level: 50
Repeat count: 1

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