ID: 6701
icon A Shocking Truth daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Rescue Mission


Start NPC: Chamberlain Bertos

Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Chamberlain Bertos: I was sent to speak to you on behalf of my mistress. She is taking a great risk in trusting you, so please listen carefully to what I have to say.
Chamberlain Bertos: The Skandas family are more than mere merchants. They are one of three powerful families belonging to a hidden organization known as the Aust Followers, dedicated to the return of the Dread God Kyrios.
Chamberlain Bertos: As a member of the Crimson Watch, I'm sure you've dealt with their kind on Auroria. You understand, then, why it is so dangerous for a family loyal to the Aust Followers to gain control of the Blue Salt Brotherhood.
Chamberlain Bertos: It was they who abducted Sir Livek during his expedition, and arranged for the death of Manager Trait. Their plan is to position Sir Aporia as the next acting manager, thus gaining control of nearly all international trade.
Chamberlain Bertos: Mistress Ayne has known her family's secret for some time, but fear has kept her silent... Until now.
Chamberlain Bertos: Her lover, Mephiro, was a member of the Blue Salt expedition to Auroria. When her family captured Sir Livek, they captured her beloved Mephiro as well.
Chamberlain Bertos: My mistress begs you to travel to Kroloal Cradle, in Rookborne Basin, where Mephiro is being held. Save him, and she will provide you with crucial evidence of her family's treachery.
Level: 52
Repeat count: 1

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