ID: 6711
icon Searching the Ruins daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Silent Watcher


Start NPC: Scout Captain Camaro
End NPC: Volio
Quest text:
Scout Captain Camaro: Sebath was assigned to patrol the eastern Golden Ruins. If he's hiding the remaining Blue Salt captives, it'll probably be somewhere near there.
Scout Captain Camaro: I'll put an alert out to the other patrols. As for you, comb the eastern ruins for any sign of Sir Livek's party or that traitor Sebath.
Scout Captain Camaro: Good luck, Watchman. We're counting on you.This Blue Salt member must have been a part of Sir Livek's expedition. While searching his body, you discover a short journal entry tucked inside his vest.
Level: 54
Repeat count: 1

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