ID: 6713
icon A Puzzling Prophecy daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Zeladian the Necromancer


Start NPC: Silent Watcher

Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Silent Watcher: I see the pattern of your fate, mortal, and the fate that lies in store for all. I can advise you, though I know you will not fully understand.
Silent Watcher: Two await your coming in the golden pool below. One who you will speak to, and one you will defeat.
Silent Watcher: Your quest will both succeed and fail. He for whom you search will not be found; his fate is linked to further deeds within these lands.
Silent Watcher: Those of you who take our name will find yourselves alone. United in your purpose, but bereft of former friends.
Silent Watcher: Do not allow yourselves to fall into despair, for you are needed.
Silent Watcher: A darkness gathers power in the east. You and those you serve must rise to meet it, or the well of death will once again run red.
Silent Watcher: The young prince has become a god, and the god a prisoner. Should he be freed before his time, the tapestry of life will come undone.
Silent Watcher: But freedom shall be granted, mortal. For he too plays a part in fate's design.
Silent Watcher: There is a greater force at work within the depths. An ancient power ever seeks to reclaim what it lost.
Silent Watcher: The Mother sees the shadow, and weaves your fates to bind it. Each of her threads have purpose... even those you fear.
Silent Watcher: I see your confusion. It is a symptom all threads share. Only those outside the pattern see the truth.
Silent Watcher: But not all those who see the truth approve.
Silent Watcher: Beware my brothers, mortal. They seek to pluck the skein of fate and weave it as they wish.
Silent Watcher: You have faced one, but they are many. Your fate and theirs will soon collide, and the pattern shifts upon each viewing. You must be careful.
Silent Watcher: I shall not speak further. My sight casts echoes on the strands of fate, which can be felt by those who know the way.
Silent Watcher: Hold true to your path. Forge strength for darker days ahead.
Silent Watcher: An age of chaos approaches.
Level: 54
Repeat count: 1

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