ID: 7115
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Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
A Secret Mission


Start NPC: Gleeman Orneon
End NPC: Recruiter
Quest text:
Gleeman Orneon: Excuse me, aren't you Player, the hero that saved the Ring of Nui from the Bloodhands?
Gleeman Orneon: It's an honor to meet you! I've read all about your final battle with the Bloodhands in Two Crowns. Is it true you're related to one of Nui's Chosen? Did Lucius the immortal really appear to thank you?
Gleeman Orneon: Sorry to gush. It's just--I've always wanted to be an adventurer like you hear about in stories. And here's one in the flesh! It's incredible!
Gleeman Orneon: What are you doing here, by the way?
Gleeman Orneon: Oh no wait, don't tell me! It's got something to do with the Crimson Rifts, right? I've seen Nui's Shield Recruiters all over the place, sounding the call for brave warriors to join their cause.
Gleeman Orneon: I think there's one in town right now, gathering people for their next battle with the Crimson Army. You should go talk to them right away!
Recruiter: So you're Player, are you? I've heard a lot about you.
Level: 30
Repeat count: 1

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