ID: 7119
icon A Secret Mission daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Heading to Halcyona


Start NPC: Recruiter
End NPC: Arthuric
Quest text:
Recruiter: We're doing our best to keep Anthalon's undead forces out of Nuia, but the Crimson Rifts are a constant threat.
Recruiter: For some time now, we've been searching for a lost Firran artifact known as the Souleye. Our scholars believed it would allow us to close the rifts forever, removing Anthalon's access to our lands.
Recruiter: Unfortunately, it looks like the Aust Followers got to it first.
Recruiter: The Aust followers are a disgusting cult that's sprung up in Auroria. They worship the necromancer Anthalon as the holy prophet of Kyrios, the God of Destruction.
Recruiter: If they have the Souleye, it's only a matter of time until they deliver it to Anthalon. And once he gets his claws on it, the gods can only guess how many rifts he'll open up.
Recruiter: But there is one shred of good news.
Recruiter: A former Aust Follower has defected, and says he'll tell us where the Souleye is hidden. But in exchange, we have to guarantee his safety.
Recruiter: You see, our source is adamant that the Aust Followers have agents throughout the south. Nui's Shield, the Blue Salt Brotherhood, even the Crimson Watch.
Recruiter: He says the only shot we have at catching the Aust Followers unaware is to use an outside agent. And from what I hear, we couldn't ask for a better agent than you.
Recruiter: So what do you say? Will you help us?
Recruiter: If you're willing, pack your things and head to Burnt Castle as soon as possible.
Recruiter: Your contact's name is Arthuric. He'll tell you how to find the Aust Follower turncoat. Past that you're on your own.
Recruiter: I'm not sure where your mission will take you, Player. But it is of the utmost importance that you succeed.
Recruiter: Go to Burnt Castle, find Arthuric, and follow his instructions. Find the Souleye before it makes its way to Anthalon, or all of Nuia is doomed.
Arthuric: So those Nui's Shield baffoons finally hired a professional, eh? Good. It's about time they took this seriously.
Level: 31
Repeat count: 1

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