ID: 7133
icon Innocents In Danger daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Missing Child


Start NPC: Eldris

Quest completes automatically
Quest text:
Eldris: I... I can remember all of it.
Eldris: How could I have been so stupid!?
Eldris: My mission was never in Hellswamp, it was in Grenwolf. I must have been ambushed by those plant creatures on my way there, before ever completing it.
Eldris: It was a standard abduction: murder a problematic family, leave no witnesses, and take the child to be indoctrinated. Terror, assassination, and recruiting, all in one.
Eldris: But if I never made it to Grenwolf, Chimera is sure to send another agent to finish the job I started. That family is in terrible danger!
Eldris: Please, head to Grenwolf as soon as you can and find a woman named Kona.
Eldris: She's been researching the Aust Followers, and her activities have caught their attention. Tell her about Chimera, and convince her that she and her son need to leave town immediately.
Eldris: Once they're ready, meet me at the gate to Corinth Hill. I'll be waiting there to guide them somewhere safe.
Eldris: This is my chance to redeem myself. Even after everything I've done... this is one thing I can set right. I can stop another child from suffering the same fate I did.
Eldris: Every mission, every killing, every false identity. I can even--oh gods, no!
Level: 37
Repeat count: 1

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