ID: 7141
icon Captives and Coercion daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Ayle's Fate


Start NPC: Herbalist Gyuseok
End NPC: Herbalist Gyuseok
Quest text:
Herbalist Gyuseok: Chimera has my family! They're forcing me to do this!
Herbalist Gyuseok: Please, you don't know what it's like.
Herbalist Gyuseok: Every time they deliver a fresh batch of children, they poison my wife and brother. And if I don't go along with their sick plans, they withhold the antidote!
Herbalist Gyuseok: The poison is known as Scorpion's Tears. It's very rare, and lethal if not treated in time. Even if I could somehow sneak my family by Chimera's guards, we'd never make it out of Perinoor without the antidote.
Herbalist Gyuseok: But you... you're not with Chimera, are you? You could beat them!
Herbalist Gyuseok: Will you kill the Chimera agent watching us, and retrieve a vial of the antidote? If you help me and my family escape, I swear I'll tell you anything you want!
Herbalist Gyuseok: The... the antidote! Thank you so much. My family and I will never forget this!
Level: 44
Repeat count: 1

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