ID: 7472
icon Final Touches daily
Category: The Ayanad Mages

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Heart of Ayanad

  • XP 27512
  • Coins silver37bronze28

Start NPC: Slevin
End NPC: Slevin
Quest text:
Slevin: You're almost ready to face the Heart of Ayanad. All we need to do now is to replace the staff's power source.
Slevin: Denistrious's Staff relied on something a bit stronger than your average arcane focus. To power it, we'll need to harvest energy from all over the library.
Slevin: You get started on collecting the materials on this list. In the meantime, I'll head upstairs and work with the others to open a path to the Heart of Ayanad.
Slevin: When you're done, join us on the Evening Botanica above the third floor. We should have the entrance to the Heart of Ayanad open by then, and I'll be waiting just inside.
Slevin: Once you deliver the materials to me, I'll combine them into a new Manastone and add it to the staff.
Slevin: And then... well... Then I guess you'll fight the whole damn library, won't you?
Slevin: That should certainly be an experience.
Slevin: You have the materials! Good work. I'll combine them into a manastone for the staff.
Level: 55
Repeat count: 1

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