ID: 7473
icon The Heart of Ayanad daily
Category: The Ayanad Mages

This quest opens access to following quests:
A Hero's Reward

  • XP 27512
  • Coins silver37bronze28

Start NPC: Slevin
End NPC: Slevin
Quest text:
Slevin: I wish I could warn you about what you're going to face in there, but Denistrious's notes don't make any sense. They keep referring to the Heart of Ayanad as a... "she?"
Slevin: They're clear on a few things, though: the Heart Guardian is incredibly dangerous. It can open rifts into the bowels of the library, which will constantly summon fresh defenders until they're closed.
Slevin: Only Denistrious's Staff has the power to close those rifts. But the staff itself cannot be held by any one person for too long. It needs to be placed on the ground to recharge, like it is now.
Slevin: But don't leave it unattended, either! Once the staff is charged, it must be picked up soon after or the library will reabsorb its mana, destroying it entirely.
Slevin: Denistrious knew more about the Heart of Ayanad than any mage in history. If he designed this staff to pacify... whatever it is that's in there, then we have to trust him. Good luck, Player.
Slevin: The library is... alive? I mean, of course we knew the defenses had some rudimentary intelligence, but we never would've... No wonder it worked so hard to defend itself!
Level: 55
Repeat count: 1

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