ID: 7474
icon A Hero's Reward daily
Category: The Ayanad Mages

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Slevin
End NPC: Slevin
Quest text:
Slevin: Knowing that the library is sentient changes everything. We can't just shut it all down without risking the destruction of that construct you met inside. Imagine the potential knowledge we would lose!
Slevin: Just think... You've made what is possibly the most important historical discovery in a thousand years! A living encyclopedia of magic, with knowledge that stretches back to before the fall of Auroria!
Slevin: Now that you've pacified the inner chamber's defenses, we'll be able to talk to the Heart of Ayanad when it--sorry, I mean SHE--returns from her hibernation. Then we can ask her to help us make the library safe again.
Slevin: It may be some time before she recovers from your battle. But the Ayanad Disciples and I will be ready when she does. And until then, I have a little gift for you in exchange for your continued assistance.
Slevin: Using Denistrious's notes, I've managed to create an Ayanad Heartstone. It's a new form of manastone, capable of absorbing even more energy than the one that powers your current Ayanad Earring.
Slevin: As you find more sources of magical energy in the library, add them to the Heartstone. Once it's charged, bring it back to me and I'll use it to craft the finest Ayanad Earring you've ever seen!
Slevin: You've managed to charge the Ayanad Heartstone? Impressive!
Slevin: Here, I'll combine it with the remnants of your old Ayanad Earring to form the new one...
Slevin: There! The most powerful Ayanad Earring to ever exist. A fitting reward for the hero of the Ayanad Library, don't you think? Wear it well, adventurer. You've earned it.
Level: 55
Repeat count: 1

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