ID: 8112
icon Immortal Conqueror daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Merciless Massacre

  • XP 420
  • Coins bronze33

Start NPC: Possessed Warborn Hatebrood
End NPC: Possessed Warborn Rageripper
Quest text:
Possessed Warborn Hatebrood: The Mother requires us to conquer Ezna in her name. Go now! Guard or civilian, let none live.
Possessed Warborn Hatebrood: You have been reborn as a soldier in the army of the Demon Queen. In exchange for your service, she has given you immortality.
Possessed Warborn Hatebrood: You can kill, but you cannot be killed. You can slaughter, but you cannot be slaughtered. Always you will rise. Always it is dawn.
Possessed Warborn Rageripper: Your rage strengthens! Stoke the flames! For the sake of the Queen, you must not weaken!
Level: 1
Repeat count: 1

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