ID: 8115
icon Too Late daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Calm and Courteous


Start NPC: Unyielding Bear
End NPC: Unyielding Bear
Quest text:
Unyielding Bear: It's very inconsiderate to be late so often! We weren't sure if you were coming; we already sent someone else in your place. I lost my position? I'm only a few minutes late! It was that damn nightmare again--
Unyielding Bear: We all have that nightmare! Every time we sleep! Yet most of us still manage to show up on time! So is there work for me here, or not?
Unyielding Bear: Not from me. I'm sorry. My crew is full. Is there anything you can do? My stabilizer is due to be serviced, and I can't afford it yet. I'll try to be on time--
Unyielding Bear: I know, I know. We're all due for servicing. Look, I need to get back to work, but I am sympathetic.
Unyielding Bear: Ask the other crew managers. Tell them I recommended you. Just show up on time, and don't make me eat my words!
Crying River: I don't need anyone right now, but try up the road. The Harani never seem to have a shortage of physical labor for us...
Unyielding Bear: I'm not surprised their crews are full. The overseers are on us every minute to keep productivity up.
Unyielding Bear: We can't afford to stand around and wait for workers. Even ones upset about our dreams! We have to take whoever's around.
Unyielding Bear: But like Crying River suggested, try up the road. The construction supervisor, Tuamin, might have an opening.
Iron Zaffir: My crew is full. I only take the most reliable workers.
Jumping Horn: Bear recommended you? His crew already started. You must've showed up late. I can't risk a late worker. Sorry.
Level: 3
Repeat count: 1

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