ID: 8118
icon Free Labor daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Mind Your Manners


Start NPC: Construction Supervisor Tuamin
End NPC: Air Raven
Quest text:
Construction Supervisor Tuamin: Well, listen. Now that you've stopped working anyway, perhaps I can send you on an errand. Do this right, and you could cut the cost of our nails by half!
Construction Supervisor Tuamin: We buy most of our supplies from Zecki--a very famous merchant in these parts. He's scheduled to pass by not far from here. I need to give him some kind of tribute--thank him for his services--but I don't have anything on hand.
Construction Supervisor Tuamin: Nothing, that is, except you. I'd like you to give Zecki my regards, and offer your services to him for a day! Haul his wares, make deliveries, stand and make shade for him--whatever he wants! But hurry, or you'll miss him!
Merchant Zecki: Tuamin sent you? It's been ages since I heard from that little fop! He's not trying to bribe me into lowering my prices again, is he? Of--of course not, sir. He sent me only as a gesture--of respect. For someone as wealthy and upwardly mobile as yourself.
Merchant Zecki: It's all right--don't strain that head-muscle of yours trying to lie! I know Tuamin too well for that. Sir, if I may, if you do not use my services, I'll be the one Tuamin is angry with, not you. Whether you lower your prices for him or not, I need to be able to say I did everything I could.
Merchant Zecki: Hmm, well, I suppose that's fair. You're a smart one, aren't you? Very well. I believe some of my colleagues in the Junkyard could use some help. But Tuamin'll get no cheaper nails out of me. Thank you, sir.
Air Raven: Greetings, Warborn. Have you come to work in the Junkyard?
Level: 5
Repeat count: 1

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