ID: 8120
icon Trash to Treasure daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Forging Honor


Start NPC: Narij
End NPC: Air Raven
Quest text:
Narij: What we do here is sort through everything that ends up in the Junkyard and bring new value to it. Your first duty as an employee will be to collect some Fading Animas for recycling by killing Malfunctioning Robots.
Narij: Unfortunately, the debris that ends up here attracts certain nuisances that make the work harder for everyone. Your secondary duty is to clear out some of those slimes and bring me their Mucus as proof. Off you go!
Air Raven: Hey there, are you all right, Player? You look a bit unsteady on your feet. Even your stabilizer seems to be flickering! One of those robots must've hit you back pretty hard! Don't let Narij see.Why does it matter if Narij sees? Wouldn't he be happy at how hard I was working?
Air Raven: Narij has high standards for us here! He wants us in good condition. The better condition we're in, the harder we can work for him, and the better we can pay off our debt to all Harani.
Air Raven: That's why I was glad you brought back the slime mucus. It makes a great glue. The Harani won't use it, of course, but when any of our gear is damaged, it works wonders. Allows us to keep working.
Air Raven: I only hope that what we do is enough. The dreams we have--the memories--we were such monsters in Ezna. Had the Harani not rescued us, the Nuians would have been right to wipe us out.
Air Raven: How can we ever repay the Harani's kindness and mercy? Their giving us a home? Through hard work. It's all we have to offer.We certainly owe the Harani a debt. But some of them can be so cruel.
Air Raven: You should get that stabilizer checked out right away. It's making you talk funny. Don't let the Harani catch you saying ungrateful things like that. Focus on gratitude. Gratitude and hard work: cure for anything.I don't know. There's a difference between working for a living and getting your horns cut off if you refuse to wash some human's nasty underwear.
Level: 7
Repeat count: 1

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