ID: 8123
icon A Fair Trade, Harani-Style daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Continuing Concerns


Start NPC: Adartan
End NPC: Air Raven
Quest text:
Adartan: I didn't think so. I guess the stereotype about Warborn not being very good with details is rooted in some fact, isn't it?
Adartan: Still, overall, his plan is a good one, and we Harani do love a good plot. So I'll give you a tip: if this forgery is to be believable, it will have to be delivered by a certified, Andelph-trained Post Owl.
Adartan: Now, you happen to be in luck, because I actually happen to own a certified, Andelph-trained Post Owl.
Adartan: Do me a favor, and I'll lend it to you. We can tie the forgery to its little leg, send it off, and the Nuians will be none the wiser.
Adartan: I just need you to get into Narij's quarters, and you'll find a small, jewel-encrusted box under his bed--
Merchant Zecki: That's not a favor! That's asking this Warborn to commit suicide!
Adartan: Didn't your mother ever teach you it's rude to spy on other people's conversations?!
Merchant Zecki: You lost that box to Narij in a bet, fair and square. It's not right to ask the Warborn to steal it back for you. The Harani are all on the same side, you know! If you want it back so badly, just buy it from him!
Merchant Zecki: I apologize for this man's behavior. Your people are not as sophisticated as ours, but that doesn't give us the right to take advantage and put you in danger.
Merchant Zecki: There's a small, rocky island off the coast just south of here. You can borrow my Post Owl--certified, Andelph-trained--and launch the bird from there.
Adartan: I'm not going to buy back what I already own! And I'm not asking this Warborn to commit suicide! They're immortal! They can take it! The worst that would happen is a little torture.
Air Raven: The fleet turned around, you say? Excellent! Our ploy worked! And I hope that ship put the fear of the Nuians in you! That's the kind of might the Harani are protecting us from. That's why we need to be grateful.
Level: 9
Repeat count: 1

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