ID: 8124
icon Continuing Concerns daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
A Hope Fulfilled


Start NPC: Air Raven
End NPC: Industrious Horn
Quest text:
Air Raven: I know that look. You're still skeptical, aren't you? Ha! I know you say your name is Player, but I think you should add "Tenacious" to it. That's a polite way of saying stubborn.
Air Raven: Tenacity can be a great quality, but no one likes a stubborn Warborn. The only thing you should be stubborn about is following the three rules. I know, I know. "Never take off your stabilizer. Never attack a sentient creature first. Never forget the sins of your past." I just have some questions. Some concerns.
Air Raven: There's nothing to question! These are good things! They help prevent us from becoming the monsters that massacred all of Ezna!
Air Raven: Do you want to live that nightmare again? Do you want to slaughter another innocent city? If you take off your stabilizer, or if you attack first, or if you forget your past, that's what you'll do.
Air Raven: The Harani protect us from that. And from Nuia's vengeance. But as soon as our gratitude falters, they could send the Nuians straight to us! The Nuians would never hesitate to torture us for eternity after what we did to Ezna.
Air Raven: So we follow the rules and keep the Harani happy. And first rule? Stabilizer. Yours needs to be looked at. Go find Kamji in Fleurstad. He should have a mechanic on-site.
Flower Farm Manager Kamji: A mechanic? Psshaw, I fired him months ago. Hired three Warborn laborers with his salary! Your stabilizer is a Warborn concern; go talk to a Warborn at the hovels about it.
Industrious Horn: You look lost, friend. Can I help you?
Level: 10
Repeat count: 1

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