ID: 8126
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Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Asking for Directions


Start NPC: Industrious Horn
End NPC: Industrious Horn
Quest text:
Industrious Horn: I'm sorry; I've wanted a new dream for so long... you really had me going there. I almost believed you.
Industrious Horn: And the content of your dream... I can't even imagine seeing our precious Mother's face. No matter what she said about us. Just to see her...
Industrious Horn: Ah, well. If wishes were fishes, we'd never be hungry! I think I have a lead on a mechanic that can help you repair your stabilizer. But there's a problem.
Industrious Horn: He's very expensive. I know some Harani engineers used to help us pro bono, but it's fallen out of style. They gave us our stabilizers for free; it's our responsibility to maintain them.
Industrious Horn: But Warborn stick together! Always we will rise! If you do some of my chores, I'll give you some of my wages. Then I can rest, you can repair, and we can both be happy knowing you're not about to turn into a blood-thirsty monster. Deal?
Phantom of Tiberion III: Foolish Player! As if you will ever be anything but a blood-thirsty monster! You think you can make up for your actions in Ezna by harvesting some flowers?What? Do you see that? Does anyone else see that?
Industrious Horn: See what? Are you all right? Your stabilizer must be affecting you more than we thought...I'm fine. I'm sorry. I... I thought I saw someone in the cave. A... a man.
Industrious Horn: I told you, this is a safe place. No humans. Are you sure you can work? Just do what you feel up to doing, all right? If all you can handle is watering flowers and pulling weeds, that's fine. If you're up for a challenge...
Industrious Horn: Runoff from the Junkyard has tainted the sarracenias. Their nectar has driven the honeybees and foxes mad. They're interfering with our work, and sadly, should all be put down.
Industrious Horn: Excellent! Here's your share of my wages.
Level: 12
Repeat count: 1

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