ID: 8128
icon Onward daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Guardsman's Authority

  • XP 6500
  • Coins silver 2bronze09

Start NPC: Merchant Zecki
End NPC: Guard Lefus
Quest text:
Merchant Zecki: Follow the main road out of town, southeast, then due-east. Eventually you'll find yourself at the Governor's Office.
Merchant Zecki: It's hard to miss: he's done quite well for himself, and his office has grown into more of a palace over the years.
Merchant Zecki: An excellent example of success for all of us to strive for! At any rate, I've already sent Tuamin an owl to let him know that you fulfilled your duties to me, and that his bribe has failed, because I cannot sell him cheaper supplies.
Merchant Zecki: Oh! One more thing. When you get to the Harani Governor's Office, check in with Guard Lefus. For the governor's security, he likes to keep a close eye on all the Warborn who come through. Nothing personal; you understand.
Guard Lefus: State your business here, Warborn.
Level: 13
Repeat count: 1

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