ID: 8130
icon The Waiting Game daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Koral's Request


Start NPC: Guard Lefus
End NPC: Guard Lefus
Quest text:
Guard Lefus: Well, thank you, I guess; I needed a laugh today. Look, just for that, just for making my day that much brighter, I'll pencil you in to see Engineer Dedevan. Of course, I need you to run some errands first.
Guard Lefus: You can't expect something for nothing, now can you? Deliver these tickets to the merchants staying at the inn. And hear them out if they try to make a bribe! We need to keep a special eye on those.
Merchant Sarbanga: My appointment has been pushed back three times already. I'm not even surprised at this point... I'd always heard the governor dislikes Narayana.
Guard Lefus: Thank you so much for your help! It's like my father always said--why do the legwork when you have a Warborn?
Merchant Koral: This says my appointment to see the governor isn't until tomorrow! I've been here two days already! I'm fed up. You people win. I'm ready to work out a "deal" like Lefus asked for originally.
Merchant Solshar: Four days until my appointment with the governor, huh? Fine. I'll wait. I'm not due back in Ynystere for another week.
Level: 14
Repeat count: 1

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