ID: 8132
icon The Engineer's Assistant daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Freedom Seeker


Start NPC: Engineer Dedevan
End NPC: Running Parrot
Quest text:
Engineer Dedevan: Repair your stabilizer? That's adorable. Really. Unfortunately, I have to make a living. I work for the government now. That's where the money is. Then again, we can't have you people transforming into blood-thirsty monsters.
Engineer Dedevan: I trained my assistant to service your little spine-ticklers. He's running an errand across the bridge, on the second floor of the archives. Goes by Running Parrot. Your kind certainly chose the strangest names...
Running Parrot: Welcome, friend! I can absolutely get you fixed up. We have a couple of options, depending on the problems you've been experiencing. Anything unusual happening? Any trouble sleeping?
Level: 15
Repeat count: 1

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