ID: 8135
icon A Thorny Test daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Remedy for Redempton


Start NPC: Imposing Pebble
End NPC: Imposing Pebble
Quest text:
Imposing Pebble: He has no idea what goes on around here. He thinks we're simply strict about who we let in, but in truth, this is a Freestorm stronghold. The only Warborn here are those who've dedicated themselves to the Freestorm cause.
Imposing Pebble: Someday, we'll wrest this entire region from Harani control. But for now, we're building our numbers. Biding our time. Enjoying as much freedom as we can scrounge.
Imposing Pebble: We don't accept anyone lazy or submissive. If you want to prove your worth to us, do some work on the farm. The cactus needs to be watered and harvested, and the pests like boars and hedgealopes need to be driven off.
Imposing Pebble: Good job. And don't worry. You get used to that cactusy smell on your fingers. It's almost enjoyable after a while.
Level: 17
Repeat count: 1

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