ID: 8139
icon Understanding Sorrow daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Another New Dream


Start NPC: Rooted Sorrow
End NPC: Rooted Sorrow
Quest text:
Rooted Sorrow: Thank you for bringing this letter. It tells me that you have fallen under suspicion, and the Elders are concerned you will profane our sacred rituals. What they forget is that repentance is for all, not just the holiest among us.
Rooted Sorrow: Do you know what this place is? It is a graveyard. There are no bodies here, but nevertheless, we have built graves for every man, woman, and child we slaughtered in Ezna.
Rooted Sorrow: We spend our time maintaining those monuments and reflecting on the lives we stole from the world. If you help us care for this place, I will tell the Elders you are ready to perform the Ritual of Atonement.
Rooted Sorrow: Thank you for your work here. I believe you have helped the souls of the lost rest more easily.
Phantom of Tiberion III: What a fool! As if gracelessly stacking rocks in a pile can make up for slaughtering an entire city! This Rotting Sorrow character should be disgusted with himself! And so should the Elders!
Phantom of Tiberion III: You can't cleanse your sins praying at rocks or performing rituals. You are unforgiveable and irredeemable! No wonder you want to stack wrong upon wrong by removing your stabilizer. Vile imbecile!
Level: 19
Repeat count: 1

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