ID: 8149
icon Temple Tranquility daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Motherly Meditation

BaseQuest items

Start NPC: Cloud Whisper
End NPC: Cloud Whisper
Quest text:
Cloud Whisper: While much of what the Freestorm does relates to carving out a new future for our race, it is also important to reflect on the past. And for Warborn, our past leads only one place: back to the Mother, Orchidna.
Cloud Whisper: This is one of the only temples dedicated to the Demon Queen in all of Erenor. All Warborn are always welcome here, whether they be loyalists or Freeborn or in-between, like you.
Cloud Whisper: However, Warborn without stabilizers, or with damaged stabilizers, have been known to have special visions here when they meditate. This place seems to have the power to dredge up lost memories.
Cloud Whisper: Lay a bouquet at the Mother's feet to honor her, then kneel and say a prayer. Light six candles floating in the reflection pools to calm your mind, then return to me when you feel centered enough to meditate.
Cloud Whisper: Very good. You seem calmer already.
Level: 27
Repeat count: 1

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