ID: 8150
icon Motherly Meditation daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Leaving Temple Service


Start NPC: Cloud Whisper
End NPC: Cloud Whisper
Quest text:
Cloud Whisper: Take a seat on one of the cushions circling the Mother, then draw a deep breath and focus on her presence. When you finish, let me know if your meditation brought you any visions of her face.
Cloud Whisper: I am glad you were able to experience a new memory, but I am sorry it was bittersweet.
Cloud Whisper: Of the others who have shared that memory, many find our brother's love for us heartening, but many also crumple in grief at seeing our Queen in such a state.
Cloud Whisper: Whatever your feelings, they are valid. The point is the memory itself. It shows that you are truly ready to shake off the yoke of Harani control and join the Freestorm. I can now give you your next task.
Level: 27
Repeat count: 1

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