ID: 8225
icon A New Race Dawns daily
Category: Warborn Main

This quest opens access to following quests:
Immortal Conqueror

  • XP 420
  • Coins bronze33

Start NPC: Possessed Warborn Slashmaw
End NPC: Possessed Warborn Hatebrood
Quest text:
Possessed Warborn Slashmaw: Happy birthday! You owe your second-life to the Demon Queen. You last breathed as a Nuon, a greedy slime.
Possessed Warborn Slashmaw: The fools killed and ate a dragon-god, hoping to absorb its power. Instead, they were banished to the eternal fire, body and soul.
Possessed Warborn Slashmaw: Queen Orchidna has given you another chance. Ascend to Ezna, your former home. Ignite the hatred in your heart and be consumed.
Possessed Warborn Hatebrood: Flesh and soul, you ripple with power! Feed on hatred! Feed on the magic of the Queen-Mother! Feed on the blood of the weak!
Level: 1
Repeat count: 1

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