ID: 8375
icon The Souleye's Location daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Riven Gates


Start NPC: Eldris
End NPC: Scout Karlsburg
Quest text:
Eldris: The Souleye was taken to Diamond Shores, in the northern continent of Auroria. There it was used by the Aust Followers to summon an ancient creature known as an Ocleera.
Eldris: They hope to use the Ocleera's magic to help them defeat the Crimson Watch, a brave group of adventurers and mercenaries that have banded together to protect the Auroran settlers from Anthalon's forces.
Eldris: To retrieve it, you will need to journey to Auroria yourself.
Eldris: Go to the Riven Gates in Diamond Shores, and find a Watchman who goes by the name of Karlsburg. From what little I know of the Crimson Watch, he's in charge of the defenses in that region.
Eldris: He'll get you up to speed on the Aust Followers' activities in the region, and work with you on a plan to reclaim the Souleye.
Eldris: Farewell for now, Player. I'd wish you luck... but something tells me you aren't going to need it.
Scout Karlsburg: Welcome, warrior! What brings you to the north?
Scout Karlsburg: The Ocleera? You're a little late with that news, friend.
Scout Karlsburg: Thing's been unleashing all manner of unholy magic up at the Riven Gates. Between it and the Aust Followers, we're having a hell of a time holding the line up here!
Level: 49
Repeat count: 1

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