ID: 8536
icon No Man Left Behind daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Friends and Acquaintances


Start NPC: Scout Captain Camaro
End NPC: Vice-Captain Armas
Quest text:
Scout Captain Camaro: The rest of the Blue Salt Brotherhood may have turned against us, but Sir Livek is a good man. And he's still out there somewhere with that traitor, Sebath.
Scout Captain Camaro: It is our duty to find them both. But with no further leads here, we'll have to cast our net a little wider.
Scout Captain Camaro: Sebath completed his training at the Crimson Watch Camp in Reedwind, under Vice-Captain Armas. Go there, and see if the Vice-Captain remembers anything that might help us track this traitor down.
Vice-Captain Armas: Greetings, Watchman!
Vice-Captain Armas: Sebath is a traitor?! I... I had no idea! He seemed so driven during training, I never would have taken him for an Aust Follower.
Vice-Captain Armas: I accept full responsibility for this. You and the captain will have my complete cooperation during your investigation.
Level: 55
Repeat count: 1

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