ID: 8551
icon The Leviathan's Essence daily
Category: [Race Quest] Crimson Watch

This quest opens access to following quests:
Souls Unbound


Start NPC: Jakar
End NPC: Jakar
Quest text:
Jakar: When the Dragons first appeared in Erenor, some of them failed to adapt to our realm. These were cruelly slain and cast into the sea. But Haje tells us that a handful survived, feeding on the drowned corpses of their brethren.
Jakar: Those tortured creatures nurtured their strength in the depths, eventually transforming into what we now call Leviathans. Each one contains the essence--the very souls--of any number of their slaughtered kin.
Jakar: We can't let Anthalon gain the power of those souls. Find the Leviathan's corpse, and interrupt whatever ritual his minions are performing. If they've already extracted the Leviathan's Essence, bring it here to me at once!
Jakar: A Leviathan's Essence... filled with the souls of ancient Dragons! They would be incredibly destructive if released, but perhaps I can still channel them--use them, as Anthalon would have, to shift the battle here in our favor.
Level: 55
Repeat count: 1

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